Mojaloss is also a top and best bdix ftp server in Bangladesh. Mojaloss is a funny name that seems like that but this is not funny as its work. Because its names are funny but work is definitely fine as I and also all people find this type of server. Its the best server for movie, games and also other things as our regularly need. Almost all the servers are not updated in bdix But this server is totally updated.

Mojaloss is basically not an isp under server. That server uses many isp one time. So here is a reason you can get the server if your wifi provider supports it.

In all month there are many people or public search this server for their use. This server has a request option for the user. If any files not in here you can request them and they definitely update them as soon as possible. For this type of simple reason carefully they are the most popular server in Bangladesh. If this server can work with Your wifi then please visit our homepage and find another best server here. And if support then we are giving a list in the below down, please check it now.



Yes. There are most of 50+ best wifi ftp servers in our country and mojaloss ftp server is one of them. This is some weird hear is that names but this server is really a major server. Your daily needs are you can find here. Like all old and latest movies and also games software all kind of those things.

There is no main service on this server. This is an individual server. So it’s a high potential that this server is working for you.

So, for the best positive signal, I really told you that you can be should use this server for your daily needs. And this server is very much secure for your regular use. If you need the list of all server in this ftp then please below down and get here all the server list.


Here is all the server’s list of mojaloss in the down. Please check on this link below down and go to that server. If this link can not work for you then please check other posts or another server on our website. You can find many servers on our website. At the top of the website, you find our page top bdix ftp please visit that page for finds many other this types of links. Thanks.

Please check the link if the link does not work for you then say in the comment yes. Or if the link did not work also comment no in the comment box. We help to fix your problem. If you think this post is helpful thank please join our FB page thanks.


Here bdix has many ftp servers in this country. But you cant use it at all at the same time. It happens on Wifi providers under. So don’t worry if this server is not working for you. You can use other best top bdix servers. Because MOJALOSS server, not works then you can easily use their alternative servers.

Now, how you can find alternative servers of mojaloss ftp. Please visit our homepage here or visit our top bdix ftp servers lists from here.

I hope your problem now solve. Please comment if these alternative servers you find and working on. But if not work also comment on any of our site’s comment boxes. We will definitely fix your problems here. Thanks.

Why This Ftp Doesn’t Work?


Bdix wifi providers cant allow many ftp servers at the same time and same internet line. So this reason we will need to use another server. All servers you will find our website please visit different of pages on our website and find all the servers.

Is it Legal Or illegal? : There are all ftp servers are given by licensed wifi providers. So this is legal in Bangladesh but outside of Bangladesh, there is a chance maybe that is illegal. In most of the case, we all are here in Bangladesh. So don’t worry this is legal in Bangladesh and you can easily use it.

Is I need VPN to use this: No you don’t need any VPN to use this. Without VPN you can easily use the servers. And you don’t need any security for this. Because this is a completely legal and malware-less server.


Thus, toward the finish of the time, we generally said you that make enjoy the most of your most loved Mojaloss ftp server. Furthermore, if this post truly accommodating thank kindly help us to join our FB gathering and visit us for additional subtleties. Kindly join our Facebook bunch much obliged to visit us.